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Your first appointment is a double session of approximately one and half hours. This visit includes the opportunity for you to discuss your health in detail including current symptoms, general health, medical history, sleep, diet, appetite and all aspects of your life that may be relevant. I would encourage you to ask questions about acupuncture, as Chinese medicine can be a new experience. Following the consultation process, the first acupuncture treatment will take place. The duration and frequency of your future appointments will depend upon the symptoms and the individual. I would recommend that a patient receiving acupuncture should inform their GP and any other health professionals, that they are undergoing a course of treatment. Increasingly, doctors and other health practitioners work with the acupuncturist to provide an integrated approach to health care for their patient.


I may also prescribe appropriate herbs for each patient, depending on the individual's circumstance. These are charged over and above the acupuncture sessions. Quantities of those herbal remedies and the treatment period will differ for each patient and the cost for those herbs will be charged only for that treatment programme. I only work with reputable suppliers of Chinese medicines and can trace the herbs back to a trusted and sustainable source. I am very confident in the quality of the herbs that I use.


An appointment with us is a commitment of our time pledged to caring for you. We hope similarly that you will care enough about us and other patients, to cancel your appointment in good time if you are unable to keep it. Regrettably, appointments not cancelled within 24 hours will be charged in full.


First Consultation and Acupuncture Treatment: R1700
Acupuncture Treatment: R780
Acupuncture treatment with laser: R820
After hours acupuncture treatment: R1100