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Good health allows us to live our lives fully and yet in living fully we must also face our edge. This is our constitutional tendency to a particular imbalance. It may show up in our mood or our physical body. Chinese Medicine has the capacity to see and treat minor imbalances like coughs and colds, headaches, a sore back or a bout of anxiety. In the hands of a skilled practitioner it also has the depth of knowledge to treat more severe illnesses. Western medicine is of use when diagnostic work is needed, blood tests, scans, MRI, DNA testing etc. or when surgery is indicated. Where patients choose to use both forms of medicine (i.e. fertility, cancer and psychiatric cases), understanding how they complement each other and ensuring that you know how they can work together is my mission. This is called integrative medicine.


In its purist form, Chinese Medicine is used to maintain well-being and should be a regular part of your health programme, just as eating well, sleeping enough and exercising are. Life is challenging and a patient who comes regularly, once a month or at the change of season will find his or her system finely tuned and adaptable. The pulse and the tongue provide early and clear signs of imbalances before they become diseases. My work is to observe and understand your particular constitution and tendency towards imbalance. This personalised approach facilitates self-awareness, personal responsibility and better long term health. I’ll help you learn how to make useful observations with the aid of the Daily Check-In App I’ve developed, you can down load it for free from


Chinese Medicine uses a systematic and logical diagnostic approach that involves examining the whole human being. This is what appeals to me. It is a form of medicine that attends to the mind, body and spirit of a patient and appreciates how important each of these aspects is. This detailed and personalised approach allows me to attend to the symptom that brings a person to Forest Drive and also to strengthen their underlying individual genetic makeup. With this knowledge I can offer appropriate advice on other therapies and life style choices. Chinese Medicine empowers every individual to nurture their way back to health and where this is not possible, to at least know how to support one’s self as best as possible.


Continuous professional development is essential to the health of my practice. In 2012 I studied with Dr Colin La Grange, completing and passing the course Complementary and Alternative Medical Approach to Reproductive Health. In July 2014 I completed "The Functional Medicine Education Series”. The Institute of Functional Medicine has developed a systems approach to biology and pathology. I regularly attend the Functional Medicine lectures keeping up to date with current thinking and research. My current interest is DNA testing and translational nutrigenomics offered by the CTG centre in Cape Town. In December I had my whole family tested and I refer patients for testing. I am exploring how the DNA results tie in with the Traditional Chinese Medicine constitutional diagnosis. I am also part of a group of Chinese Medicine practitioners who meet each month to share and discuss cases, to look at the latest research and to stimulate new thinking and solutions for the benefit of our patients. Sharing time with practitioners and teachers who continue to ask questions and share their knowledge, combined with enough down time to reflect and restore is an invaluable part of who I am as a practitioner.