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Health is gained by daily cultivation

Dear Patients

I hope that you are feeling peaceful and grounded at this time of great uncertainty.

I am writing to let you know that the Forest Drive Acupuncture Practice will remain open to support your health and well-being throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lock down.

Please note that as an AHPCHSA-registered health care provider I am legally able to continue practicing during the upcoming lock down. I encourage you to stay healthy, adaptive and resilient and therefore help us all with the vital task of flattening the curve.

At the Acupuncture Practice we have increased our methods of hygiene and are rigorously supporting social distancing. We respectfully ask that you please phone us on arrival and remain in your car until we let you know that your room is available.

I can also support you through self-isolation with a remote consultation where we can establish the optimum Chinese herbal prescription for you.

Warm wishes and take care,

Vicky X

"I hope that I can be part of your journey to a healthy mind and body. This may mean treating specific physical symptoms or helping you maintain your health over time. I encourage and welcome you to participate in this process and to enjoy the responsibility you have to care for yourself."

Vicky Hindmarch 2016


I specialise in Health. I believe that the Creative impulse that generates Life is Love. The essence of life is movement and flow. I see health as an active working of our capacity to adapt and evolve. It is not a goal or a fixed point of perfection. My perspective is that we each have a unique constitution that needs to be nurtured and challenged in particular ways so that we may enjoy good health, cultivate a sense of well-being and manage suffering when it comes.

Suffering comes to us all whether it is in mind, body or spirit. My work is to make sure you know your physical body well enough to limit unnecessary illness and pain. My purpose is to understand a patient's unique constitutional make-up, to map patterns of imbalance that hinder movement and flow and to create a guide for restoring well-being and where possible, health.

I use my knowledge and experience in the fields of Chinese and Functional Medicine and I expect a patient to bring their commitment to work with themselves; observing, nurturing, challenging and restoring.

The initial phase of treatment usually entails six, weekly acupuncture treatments to set the foundation for our work together.


Central to the theories of Chinese Medicine is the concept of Qi (pronounced chee), which is the energy that makes you a living breathing creature. According to Chinese Medicine, if you are ill in any way (physical, emotional or psychological) this reflects an imbalance in the flow of Qi. The diagnosis of the imbalance is made through case history, observation, pulse and tongue diagnosis. Acupuncture uses micro fine needles which are inserted into specifically selected points along meridians in order to resolve the imbalance. Through correct treatment, the self-regulatory mechanisms of the parasympathetic nervous system can come into play and the patient feels better. Hormones can regulate, blood sugar can normalise, inflammation can resolve, gut function can be restored, immunity can modulate and mental well-being can be reinstated.


Chinese herbs are part of a complete medical system which has diagnosed, treated and prevented illness for over 23 centuries. In the US, UK and Australia successful use of chinese herbs for skin conditions and some malignant tumours has driven research into finding the effective 'active ingredients' in the herbs. Many western drugs originated in just this way, from the analysis of a successfully used herb. Acupuncture and herbs work well together to address patterns of disharmony or disease. Some herbs work well with western medicines and others do not. If herbs are used one usually needs more in the beginning phases of treatment. As one recovers the prescription may change and the dosage usually decreases. In more entrenched disease cases continued support may be indicated.